Mountain Mamas Flagstaff is a group dedicated to connecting Mothers in our community! We’re a member hosted group, and we aim to provide a variety of activities all over town. We offer everything from park playdates, to community events and even a Monthly Moms Night Out.

Here are a few reasons you might like Mountain Mamas Flagstaff:

  1. You’re pregnant and you’d like to get the inside scoop on Motherhood.
  2. You’ve recently had a baby and you’re eager to get out and meet other Moms.
  3. You just moved to Flagstaff and need to make some new  Mama friends!
  4. You’d like to experience new activities with your kids.
  5. You really just want to hang out and talk to another adult while your kids play 🙂

We’re an inclusive and diverse group of Moms, and we welcome everyone to join us on this wild ride we call #motherhood.

We can’t wait to meet you!